The FMCG Activation Specialist
Inspiration or Copied?
One of the 21st century values is transparency. We are open, share ideas and knowledge. That raises the question as to whether we inspire each other to better performance or do we simply copy successful ideas from each other? At Voted Product of the Year, we see many product innovations that are true innovations, breakthrough and sometimes disruptive. And shortly after, countless new knockoff products produced by competitors appear on the market. This raises questions about the motivation behind. Is it inspiration or copy?
Marketeers in A Fast Moving World
Welcome to the first blogpost of Voted Product of the Year Worldwide. It is my pleasure as CEO of Voted Product of The Year Worldwide to meet with a lot of people in many countries of the world ; researchers, retailers, sales people, managers, directors and VP’s in FMCG, advertising agencies, PR staff, etc. As I travel weekly I see many hotels, airlines, supermarkets, drugstores, restaurants and their services staff. In a spare moment and reflecting on all the different people in different cultures, I came to the conclusion that basically, we are all marketeers.